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This is the worst service I've ever used in my life. I purchased a resume + cover letter from them and it was worse than if I'd asked a random person off the street to write it for me. Once you order a resume from them, don't expect for any service or help from them afterwards because once they're done, they're done. They don't even finish by the deadline and once they finish and send it to you, you'll be able to see just how little care they put into completing the task. There must be better services out there, so search carefully and try to avoid using this one at all costs!
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Resume Planet delivers TERRIBLE work and even worse service

In an effort to advance my career, I made the decision to hire a "professional" resume service to update my existing professional history. I wanted something that displayed more of a modern format that would help me stand out from the rest. Maybe a technical writer to go in and apply best practice throughout to ensure the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed. After a quick search, I came across "Resumes Planet" - a reputable looking site that had all the right verbiage, promises and "Guarantees" in place. Although a little more pricey than comparable services, I chose to go with what I "thought" was the best. After all... this was my resume - I could not afford to settle for a sub-par provider. Over $150 and 5 days later, I was appalled by the results. I was delivered a document that I would not post on a bathroom wall, much less submit for a 6 figure executive position. A 97-03 format Word document with .3 inch margins across the board. 0 vertical spacing (not even between different jobs or schools) with 10 font text running one side of the page to the other. It looked as if they had a contest to see how many words they could fit on 1 page! Well, I thought - no biggie, I can fix this quick with some formatting and little effort. Wrong. Very first sentence was a run-on that took up the first 3 lines (margin to margin). Then followup sentences that made absolutely no sense at all... like "Skilled in forming positive relationships with colleagues and staff"... REALLY??? Didn't realize that making friends in the office is now a skill - plus, I am a corporate Sales VP, not an HR nightmare! So then I get past the 5 line intro, the 10 line "Specializations" section and the 3 line "Core of Competencies" (now at 1/2 of page 1) to finally notice my most recent job and responsibilities didn't even make the list! I could really go on and on about all of the issues with the resume, but I have taken up enough time with that and I am pretty sure readers will get the point by now... Needless to say, VERY unsatisfied. No biggie though... they have that 99.99% Satisfaction Guarantee I read about. Shouldn't be a problem, right?? Wrong again. 5 more days, 4 phone calls and 21 messages later, I am logging this complaint. Best I could pry out of them was the acknowledgement that there were "inaccuracies on my service", but the best they could offer was a 15% refund. 15%??? Are you kidding me? In summary: 1) Be extremely cautious proceeding with Resumes Planet 2) Ignore the guarantees, because I guarantee you won't see more than a 15% refund - no matter how terrible the product or service provided 3) They appear to be mostly overseas outsourced work Now, starting from scratch - I will be spending the next several hours working on my resume. Hope you have a better day than I did.
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I have just had the exact same experience. I used a 20% off coupon code and requested "edits" to my resume.

What I got was basically a smushed up 10 pt font version of a mess. To say they embellished is a huge understatement. I'm a lawyer, so that is very serious. Everything was "expert" that and "spearheaded" that!

I've had 2 1/2 years could *I* be an expert? When I tried to call, they kept me on hold for 15 min before I hung up. When I started a chat with a representative, he basically said they would revise if I wanted. I asked where they got their information and he offered me a 24 hour revision. thanks. You can't even vouch for your own employees' integrity. They obviously just make *** up. Ridiculous.

I don't expect a refund, but I will send them a demand letter on my law office letterhead just to see what happens. I deserve some entertainment after this mess.


I wish I had found this BEFORE I paid them for a resume. What they delivered was junk.

They completely disregarded most of the information I provided in favor of making up their own giving me job functions and qualifications that were no less than outright lies. I insisted that the format be changed....never happened. I asked for writer qualifications ...couldn't get them. Finally I asked to have the writer changed.

Request refused. As for getting it resolved, I finally gave up after months of trying. Their money back guarantee? A joke too.

The details are carefully hidden on their website.

If you can find them, you'll find the requirements are so ridiculous that you can't satisfy them. I wouldn't let them write on a piece of toilet paper let alone have them write a resume.


This site was a waste of money. They made it difficulty to get revisions. When I finally got through they promptly responded with:

Unfortunately, we are not able to revise the project after 30 days time period. Your order was completed on 2012-11-24 04:30:43 , and we can revise a project and edit it only if you request us to do so within 14 days. We are not obliged to do anything after this time frame. We understand that you might have comments from your professor, teacher or tutor about the work, but they had to be submitted to us within 30 days. Please, refer to the Disclaimer

You are welcome to place a new order with us, and we will gladly assist you with it.

Is it 14 days or 30?


Digital Resume Builder is the best platform I've seen and it's pretty reasonable...only 20 bucks to digitize and add audio/visual content to your resume...


What a disaster it has been dealing with these people. I ordered my resume 8 days ago, paid the extra money to have it expedited in 2 days.

I am no closer to receiving my resume as I was when I ordered it. The writer failed to follow my instructions and had to seek a revision and that's where the fun began. No less than a dozen telephone calls and I don't know how many emails later I thought I was going to get this behind me. Not to be.

Resume Planet has missed 3 deadlines (they call it deadlines but nothing could be more artificial) citing that the writer needs more time. After missing the last deadline over 30 hours ago, I attempted to receive a refund for the service I never received. But that hasn't happened either because they are going through a "system update" and can't access the system. This system update has been on gong for the past 14 hours and every time I call I am told to contact them in 2-3 hours.




I was ready to give my card number. When they asked me for my country code, I figured I'd investigate.


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Resumes Planet rip-off!

Resumes Planet rip-off! When I was looking for work, I hired Resumes Planet ( to deliver a resume within 24 hours for $160. I provided everything they asked and they confirmed they would have it ready on time. I needed it urgently for an...
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We are sorry to hear about your bad experience and we are more than willing to assist you in any possible way we can. We would like to ask for your order number so we can investigate your complains.We hope to hear from you soon.

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